By Tiffany Guan - sales manager - Guan - Xiamen - Fujian - China
Skype^ : dddemi33 Sales&Manager : Tiffany Guan RFQ#e-mail : Whats@app : +86 18030235313 6ES7 407-0KA02-0AA0 6ES7405 6ES7 405-0DA02-0AA0 6ES7405 6ES7 405-0DA02-0AA0 S 6ES7431-1KF20-0AB0 6ES7 431-1KF20-0AB0 6ES7132 6ES7 132-6BF01-0BA0 6GK1901-1BB10-2AA0 2AB0 2AE0 3RW3016-1BB14 4KW PLC S7-300 CPU313C-2DP 6ES7 313-6CG04-0AB0 3RW44 3rw4426-1BC45 77A 6ES7291-8GF23-0XA0 S7-200 SMART EM AM06 6ES7288 6ES7 288-3AM06-0AA0 S7-200 SMART EM AM06 6ES7288 6ES7 288-3AM06-0AA0 S7-200 SMART EM AR02 6ES7288 6ES7 288-3AR02-0AA0 S7-200 SMART EM DT32 6ES7288 6ES7 288-2DT32-0AA0 S7-200 SMART SB DT04 6ES7288 6ES7 288-5DT04-0AA0 132-6BH00 ET 200SP 6ES7 132-6BH00-0BA0 3RW3014-1BB14 3RW3014-1BB04 3RW3014-1BB14 3RW3016-1BB14 3RW3017-1BB04 3RW3018-1BB04 3RW3026-1BB14 3RW3027-1BB04 3RW4037-1BB14 3RW4037-1BB14 3RW4038-1BB14 3RW4046-1BB04 3RW4056-6BB44 3RW4074-6BB44 3RW4422-1BC44 3RW4423-1BC44 3RW4424-1BC44 3RW4435-6BC44 3RW4443-6BC44 3RW4454-6BC44 new and original package with one year warranty To get our best price & fast quotation, pls send us e-mail BENEFITS:(I WILL GIVE YOU A REPLY IMMEDIATELY) 1. lower your support costs 2, Provide on-going availability of automation replacement parts Quantity available: 1 Warranty: 12 months. Lead time: 1-2 working days. Terms of payment:T/T and Western Union. ​
Time Limit: 2018-10-24 to 2025-10-30