Selling DIY Hot Water Tanks
By lorne Lee - Sale Manager - SST HEATING ENERGY CO.,LTD - Guangzhou - Guangdong - China
SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd is a stainless steel water tank leading manufacturer in China. Its products cover: Stainless steel tank for solar hot water and heat pump, electric heater tank, enamel tank, solar collector, solar working station& controller, solar hot water system related accessories, and related stainless steel hot water products. Since we establish in 2006, SST(Guangzhou) Electric Co., Ltd, due to its good quality, customer-needs-orient design service, high customers satisfaction and reliable service, have developed very fast with each year double turnover and customers quantities. And SST(Guangzhou) Electric Co., Ltd become some well-know big companies' supplier and enjoy high reputation of stainless steel hot water tank industry in China. Why to choose us? SST committed itself and insist to be a professional hot water heater manufacturer to offer customer's good quality, satisfied service, and long-term stable cooperation. Your needs and thoughts, we try our best to offer!
Time Limit: 2018-08-11 to 2019-08-31